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About us:

FOOTBERG company, established in 1998, is a manufacturer of a wide range of consumables for all fields of surgery.
Company’s main specialization is production of atraumatic sterile surgical suture material.

About our products:

We produce the whole range of suture material being used in up-to-date surgery.
In our catalogue we introduce wide range of absorbable and non-absorbable materials complete with a needle of different profile, length and curvature
If you are unable to select a “suture-needle” set that you need, we are ready to consider your individual order.
Besides the suture material we would like to draw your attention at the following surgical materials:
- Traumatic surgical needles;
- Haemostatic bone wax;
- Different kinds of haemostatic sponges;

About quality:

We value the health of our consumers and we value our reputation!
The quality of our products undergoes permanent laboratory and technical control from the moment of arrival in the form of raw materials and until their dispatch to medical institutions.
All products of FOOTBERG Company have undergone complete cycle of clinical trials in leading clinics of CIS countries.
All products offered by FOOTBERG Company are admitted to usage by Ministries of Public Health of Belarus, Russian Federation and Ukraine.
The quality of our products has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas of specialized conferences, and at our production we have successfully implemented and run solely in the country ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management system.

About cooperation:

On the PRODUCT page we suggest you to familiarize with the range of products that we offer.
Anyway you can process an order on-line or send a request regarding the product you are interested in. Our specialists will contact you for specifying necessary details.
Our products can be delivered on the territory of CIS countries within agreed period of time.

FOOTBERG company is able to render advertising and information support.
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We make surgical suture materials and make them well!

On-line purchase order

You can get the commercial offer calculation on suture materials in our On-line shop (Surgicrol, Surgicrol rapid, Surgicrol 910, Surgicrol Medium, Surgicol Monofast, PGA Polyglycolide, Catgut, Daclon, Polyester, Polyamide, Supramid Black, Silk), traumatic needles (taper point and reverse cutting), surgical bone wax and haemostatic sponges (collagenous, Combutec-2, Meturacol, Stimul Oss) Trombocol Sponge plate

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